DASASIN (Duh-Sass-In) is an up and coming rapper, unlike any other artist. He is a native to Southern California, spending most of his youth in South Central L.A., Carson, and  Inglewood. He now resides in Long Beach, California.

Dasasin Johnson, who performs as DASASIN, developed a temper due to his late growth and attraction to trouble. This attraction would later lead him into anger management classes where he learned to write out his frustration.

At the age of 15, he began turning his anger into lyrics. This writing led to rap songs with the help of his best friend Lethal. At 16 he began “freestyling” as a means to get out his frustration when he didn’t have the means to write. This would lead him to his obsession with battle rapping. After his first battle rap, he knew this was his calling in life. Dasasin then dedicated himself to getting better by freestyling at any given moment throughout the day.

His dedication and gift for wordplay and bars would soon pay off as he began to completely dominate every battle rap he entered. Other rappers then began saying that he was killing everyone like an assassin. Liking the name but not thinking it was original enough he then dropped the double “s” and put a “D” (the first letter of his birth name) in front of the word.

Once in college, he decided to take his music seriously and pursue his talents further. This is where he would meet one of his producers (Damus), which led to the meeting of many artists he now currently works with.

Bringing a mature vibe that is reminiscent of the classic hip-hop era, Dasasin is now drawing appreciation from critics, rappers and fans alike. He is on the map through social media as his #BarcityBlues plays are being viewed all over the world.

Now he is ready to make a huge impact on the music/rap/hip-hop industry.

Dasasin is also producing commercial brand music sounds for podcasters, and SiriusXM radio shows for different venues. For more information on Dasasin’s availability in producing you may contact him directly here.